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manpage: add some minor documenation fixes
- replace the incorrect reference to --opengl-shader - document a caveat when using --image-display-duration - add some documentation on --vf=lavfi=
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@@ -442,7 +442,7 @@ this is strongly discouraged and deprecated, except for ``-set``.
Without suffix, the action taken is normally ``-set``.
-Some options (like ``--sub-file``, ``--audio-file``, ``--opengl-shader``) are
+Some options (like ``--sub-file``, ``--audio-file``, ``--glsl-shader``) are
aliases for the proper option with ``-append`` action. For example,
``--sub-file`` is an alias for ``--sub-files-append``.
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@@ -2250,6 +2250,13 @@ Window
This option does not affect the framerate used for ``mf://`` or
``--merge-files``. For that, use ``--mf-fps`` instead.
+ Setting ``--image-display-duration`` hides the OSC and does not track
+ playback time on the command-line output, and also does not duplicate
+ the image frame when encoding. To force the player into "dumb mode"
+ and actually count out seconds, or to duplicate the image when
+ encoding, you need to use ``--demuxer=lavf --demuxer-lavf-o=loop=1``,
+ and use ``--length`` or ``--frames`` to stop after a particular time.
Create a video output window even if there is no video. This can be useful
when pretending that mpv is a GUI application. Currently, the window
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@@ -286,11 +286,14 @@ Available mpv-only filters are:
If you want to use the full filter syntax with this option, you have
to quote the filter graph in order to prevent mpv's syntax and the
- filter graph syntax from clashing.
+ filter graph syntax from clashing. To prevent a quoting and escaping
+ mess, consider using ``--lavfi-complex`` if you know which video
+ track you want to use from the input file. (There is only one video
+ track for nearly all video files anyway.)
.. admonition:: Examples
- ``-vf lavfi=[gradfun=20:30,vflip]``
+ ``--vf=lavfi=[gradfun=20:30,vflip]``
``gradfun`` filter with nonsense parameters, followed by a
``vflip`` filter. (This demonstrates how libavfilter takes a
graph and not just a single filter.) The filter graph string is