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commands: replace --hardframedrop, change framedropping property
Replace --hardframedrop with --framedrop=hard. Rename the framedrop property from "framedropping" to "framedrop" for the sake of making command line options have the same name as their corresponding property. Change the property to accept choice values instead of numeric values. Remove unused/forgotten auto_quality variable.
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@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ Command line switches
``-no-opt``, or better ``--no-opt``.
* Per-file options are not the default anymore. You can explicitly specify
file local options. See ``Usage`` section.
-* Table of renamed switches:
+* Table of renamed/replaced switches:
=================================== ===================================
Old New
@@ -95,6 +95,7 @@ Command line switches
-nosound --no-audio
-use-filename-title --title="${filename}"
-loop 0 --loop=inf
+ -hardframedrop --framedrop=hard
=================================== ===================================
input.conf and slave commands
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@@ -643,11 +643,14 @@
Override video framerate. Useful if the original value is wrong or missing.
Skip displaying some frames to maintain A/V sync on slow systems. Video
filters are not applied to such frames. For B-frames even decoding is
- skipped completely. May produce unwatchably choppy output. See also
- ``--hardframedrop``.
+ skipped completely. May produce unwatchably choppy output. With ``hard``,
+ decoding and output of any frame can be skipped, and will lead to an even
+ worse playback experience.
+ Practical use of this feature is questionable. Disabled by default.
Play/convert only first <number> frames, then quit.
@@ -753,9 +756,6 @@
``--no-grabpointer`` tells the player to not grab the mouse pointer after a
video mode change (``--vm``). Useful for multihead setups.
- More intense frame dropping (breaks decoding). Leads to image distortion!
Command that is executed every 30 seconds during playback via *system()* -
i.e. using the shell.