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osd: add --no-osd-bar option to disable the OSD bar
In addition to disabling the OSD bar physically, also add some fallbacks to OSD text in places the OSD bar would have been used.
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search for video segments from other files, and will also ignore any
chapter order specified for the main file.
+--no-osd-bar, --osd-bar
+ Disable display of the OSD bar. This will make some things (like seeking)
+ use OSD text messages instead of the bar.
+ You can configure this on a per-command basis in input.conf using ``osd-``
+ prefixes, see ``Input command prefixes``. If you want to disable the OSD
+ completely, use ``--osd-level=0``.
Position of the OSD bar. -1 is far left, 0 is centered, 1 is far right.