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Allow some options taking filenames to refer to mpv config dir
Add the mp_get_user_path() function, and make it expand special path prefixes. Use it for some things in mpv which take filenames (--input-config, --screenshot-template, opengl icc-profile suboption). This allows accessing files in the mpv config dir without hardcoding the config path by prefixing the path with ~~/. Details see manpage additions.
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``mpv --ao=pcm:file=%`expr length "$NAME"`%"$NAME" test.avi``
+Some care must be taken when passing arbitrary paths and filenames to mpv. For
+example, paths starting with ``-`` will be interpreted as options. Likewise,
+if a path contains the sequence ``://``, the string before that might be
+interpreted as protocol prefix, even though ``://`` can be part of a legal
+UNIX path. To avoid problems with arbitrary paths, you should be sure that
+absolute paths passed to mpv start with ``/``, and relative paths with ``./``.
+The name ``-`` itself is interpreted as stdin, and will cause mpv to disable
+console controls. (Which makes it suitable for playing data piped to stdin.)
+For paths passed to suboptions, the situation is further complicated by the
+need to escape special characters. To work this around, the path can be
+additionally wrapped in the ``%n%string_of_length_n`` syntax (see above).
+Some mpv options interpret paths starting with ``~``. Currently, the prefix
+``~~/`` expands to the mpv configuration directory (usually ``~/.mpv/``).
+``~/`` expands to the user's home directory. (The trailing ``/`` is always
Per-File Options