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encode: remove dependency on current ffmpeg
Apparently, libav doesn't have the change for the new way to create a libavformat context merged yet. So, we can't use that... Rather, this commit fixes format specific avoptions another way. On the downside, invalid format options are now detected very late, and any attempt to set an option value to +something or -something will append to the previously set option value (this logic can no longer be specific to options of bitflag type, as finding out the option type is what we simply cannot do with this interface).
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@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@ You can encode files from one format/codec to another using this facility.
Specifies the output format (overrides autodetection by the extension of
- the file specified by -o).
- See --of=help for a full list of supported formats.
+ the file specified by -o). This can be a comma separated list of possible
+ formats to try. See --of=help for a full list of supported formats.
Specifies the output format options for libavformat.