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sub: do some timing postprocessing on preloaded subs
This fixes the -subfps option (which unfortunately is still useful), and fixes minor annoying timing errors (which unfortunately still happen). Note that none of these affect ASS or image subtitles. ASS is specially handled: libass loads subtitles as ASS_Track. There are no actual packets passed around, and sd_ass just uses the ASS_Track. Disable the --sub-no-text-pp option. It's misleading now and always was completely useless.
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``show_progress`` command (by default mapped to ``P``), or in some
non-default cases when seeking. Expands properties. See property_expansion_.
- Allows the next subtitle to be displayed while the current one is still
- visible (default is to enable the support only for specific formats). This
- only matters for subtitles loaded with ``-sub``.
Enables pan-and-scan functionality (cropping the sides of e.g. a 16:9
movie to make it fit a 4:3 display without black bands). The range
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Use/display these subtitle files. Only one file can be displayed at the
same time.
+--sub-fix-timing, --no-sub-fix-timing
+ By default, external text subtitles are preprocessed to remove minor gaps
+ or overlaps between subtitles (if the difference is smaller than 200 ms,
+ the gap or overlap is removed). This does not affect image subtitles,
+ subtitles muxed with audio/video, or subtitles in the ASS format.
Force subtitle demuxer type for ``--subfile``. Using a '+' before the name
will force it, this will skip some checks! Give the demuxer name as
printed by ``--sub-demuxer=help``.
- Disables any kind of text post processing done after loading the
- subtitles. Used for debug purposes.
Specify extra directories where to search for subtitles matching the
video. Multiple directories can be separated by ":" (";" on Windows).