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vaapi: allow GPU read-back with --hwdec=vaapi-copy
This code is actually quite inefficient: it reuses the (slow, simple) screenshot code. It uses an inefficient method to read the image (vaGetImage() instead of vaDeriveImage()), allocates new memory for each frame that is read, and it tries all image formats again each time. Also, in my tests it always picked NV12 as image format, which is not ideal if you actually want to filter the video, and vo_xv can't handle this format without conversion either. However, a user confirmed that it worked for him, so everything is fine.
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:auto: see below
:vdpau: requires ``--vo=vdpau`` (Linux only)
:vaapi: requires ``--vo=vaapi`` (Linux with Intel GPUs only)
+ :vaapi-copy: copies video back into system RAM (Linux with Intel GPUs only)
:vda: requires ``--vo=corevideo`` (OSX only)
:crystalhd: Broadcom Crystal HD
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Also note that if the first found method doesn't actually work, it will
always fall back to software decoding, instead of trying the next method.
+ The ``vaapi-copy`` function allows you to use vaapi with any VO. Because
+ this copies the decoded video back to system RAM, it's quite inefficient.
Allow hardware decoding for a given list of codecs only. The default is the
special value ``all``, which always allows all codecs.