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sd_lavc, sd_spu: make dvdsub stretching conditional on --stretch-dvd-subs.
We found that the stretching - although it usually improves the looks of the fonts - is incorrect. On DVD, subtitles can cover the full area of the picture, and they have the same pixel aspect as the movie itself. Too bad many commercially released DVDs use bitmap fonts made with the wrong pixel aspect (i.e. assuming 1:1) - --stretch-dvd-subs will make these more pretty then.
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``--start='#2' --end='#4'``
Plays chapters 2 and 3, and exits.
+ Stretch DVD subtitles when playing anamorphic videos for better looking
+ fonts on badly mastered DVDs. This switch has no effect when the
+ video is stored with square pixels - which for DVD input cannot be the case
+ though.
+ Many studios tend to use bitmap fonts designed for square pixels when
+ authoring DVDs, causing the fonts to look stretched on playback on DVD
+ players. This option fixes them, however at the price of possibly
+ misaligning sume subtitles (e.g. sign translations).
+ Disabled by default.
Specifies software scaler parameters.