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demux: add option to create CC tracks eagerly
We don't hope to auto-detect them at load time, as that would be too much of a pain - even FFmpeg requires fetching and parsing of video packets, and exposes the information only via deprecated API. But there still needs to be a way to select them by default. This is also needed to get the first CC packet at all (without seeking back). This commit also attempts to clean up locking a bit, which is a PITA, but it's better be careful & clean.
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Default: ``no``.
+ For every video stream, create a closed captions track (default: no). The
+ only purpose is to make the track available for selection at the start of
+ playback, instead of creating it lazily. This applies only to
+ ``ATSC A53 Part 4 Closed Captions`` (displayed by mpv as subtitle tracks
+ using the codec ``eia_608``). The CC track is marked "default" and selected
+ according to the normal subtitle track selection rules. You can then use
+ ``--sid`` to explicitly select the correct track too.
+ If the video stream contains no closed captions, or if no video is being
+ decoded, the CC track will remain empty and will not show any text.