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ytdl_hook: add script opt for using manifest URLs
Disable by default. This feature was added in 7eb342757, which allowed stream selection in runtime. Problem with this atm is that FFmpeg will try to demux every first packet of every track leading to noticeable delay opening the URL. This option can be changed to enabled by default or removed when HLS/DASH demuxers are improved upstream.
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which mpv should not use with youtube-dl. The patterns are matched after
the ``http(s)://`` part of the URL.
+ The `use_manifests` script option makes mpv use the master manifest URL for
+ formats like HLS and DASH, if available, allowing for video/audio selection
+ in runtime. It's disabled ("no") by default for performance reasons.
``^`` matches the beginning of the URL, ``$`` matches its end, and you
should use ``%`` before any of the characters ``^$()%|,.[]*+-?`` to match
that character.