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lua+js: implement utils.file_info()
This commit introduces mp.utils.file_info() for querying information on file paths, implemented for both Lua and Javascript. The function takes a file path as an argument and returns a Lua table / JS object upon success. The table/object will contain the values: mode, size, atime, mtime, ctime and the convenience booleans is_file, is_dir. On error, the Lua side will return `nil, error` and the Javascript side will return `undefined` (and mark the last error). This feature utilizes the already existing cross-platform `mp_stat()` function.
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@@ -168,6 +168,8 @@ Otherwise, where the Lua APIs return ``nil`` on error, JS returns ``undefined``.
``mp.utils.readdir(path [, filter])`` (LE)
+``mp.utils.file_info(path)`` (LE)
``mp.utils.join_path(p1, p2)``
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@@ -591,6 +591,34 @@ strictly part of the guaranteed API.
On error, ``nil, error`` is returned.
+ Stats the given path for information and returns a table with the
+ following entries:
+ ``mode``
+ protection bits (on Windows, always 755 (octal) for directories
+ and 644 (octal) for files)
+ ``size``
+ size in bytes
+ ``atime``
+ time of last access
+ ``mtime``
+ time of last modification
+ ``ctime``
+ time of last metadata change (Linux) / time of creation (Windows)
+ ``is_file``
+ Whether ``path`` is a regular file (boolean)
+ ``is_dir``
+ Whether ``path`` is a directory (boolean)
+ ``mode`` and ``size`` are integers.
+ Timestamps (``atime``, ``mtime`` and ``ctime``) are integer seconds since
+ the Unix epoch (Unix time).
+ The booleans ``is_file`` and ``is_dir`` are provided as a convenience;
+ they can be and are derived from ``mode``.
+ On error (eg. path does not exist), ``nil, error`` is returned.
Split a path into directory component and filename component, and return
them. The first return value is always the directory. The second return