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options: rename -ss and -endpos, allow relative times
Rename the -ss option to -start, and -endpos to -length. Add a -end option. The -end option always specifies an absolute end time, as opposed to -endpos/-length. All these options (--start, --end, --length) now accept relative times. Percent positions (e.g. "--start=30%") are interpreted as fractions of the file duration. Negative times (e.g. "--start=-1:00) are interpreted relative to the end of the file. Chapters (e.g. "--start=#3") yield the chapter's time position. The chapter support might be able to replace --chapter completely, but for now I am not sure how well this works out with e.g. DVDs and BDs, and a separate --chapter option is useful interface-wise.
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@@ -105,6 +105,8 @@ Command line switches
-ni --avi-ni
-benchmark --untimed (no stats)
-xineramascreen --screen (different values)
+ -ss --start
+ -endpos --length
=================================== ===================================
input.conf and slave commands
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Specify which chapter to start playing at. Optionally specify which
- chapter to end playing at (default: 1).
+ chapter to end playing at. Also see ``--start``.
Threshold for merging almost consecutive ordered chapter parts in
@@ -518,20 +518,9 @@
enabled). These fonts can be used for SSA/ASS subtitle rendering
(``--ass`` option).
- Stop at given time.
- *NOTE*: When used in conjunction with ``--ss`` option, ``--endpos`` time
- will shift forward by seconds specified with ``--ss``.
- ``--endpos=56``
- Stop at 56 seconds.
- ``--endpos=01:10:00``
- Stop at 1 hour 10 minutes.
- ``--ss=10 --endpos=56``
- Stop at 1 minute 6 seconds.
+--end=<relative time>
+ Stop at given absolute time. See ``--start`` for valid option values and
+ examples.
--no-extbased, --extbased
``--no-extbased`` disables extension-based demuxer selection. By default, when the file type
@@ -1057,6 +1046,10 @@
Encryption key the demuxer should use. This is the raw binary data of
the key converted to a hexadecimal string.
+--length=<relative time>
+ Stop after a given time relative to the start time.
+ See ``--start`` for valid option values and examples.
--lirc, --no-lirc
Enable/disable LIRC support. Enabled by default.
@@ -1515,7 +1508,7 @@
Seek to byte position. Useful for playback from CD-ROM images or VOB files
- with junk at the beginning. See also ``--ss``.
+ with junk at the beginning. See also ``--start``.
Set the image file type used for saving screenshots.
@@ -1685,15 +1678,27 @@
inserted into the audio filter layer to compensate for the difference. The
type of resampling can be controlled by the ``--af-adv`` option.
+--start=<relative time>
Seek to given time position.
+ The general format for absolute times is ``[[hh:]mm:]ss[.ms]``. If the time
+ is negated with ``-``, the seek is relative from the end of the file.
+ It's also possible to seek to a percent position with ``pp%``.
- ``--ss=56``
+ ``--start=56``
Seeks to 56 seconds.
- ``--ss=01:10:00``
+ ``--start=01:10:00``
Seeks to 1 hour 10 min.
+ ``--start=50%``
+ Seeks to the middle of the file.
+ ``--start=30 --end=40``
+ Seeks to 30 seconds, plays 10 seconds, and exits.
+ ``--start=-3:20 --length=10``
+ Seeks to 3 minutes and 20 seconds before the end of the file, plays
+ 10 seconds, and exits.
Specifies software scaler parameters.