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Edit Decision Lists (EDL) allow combining parts from multiple source files into one virtual file. MPlayer had an EDL format (which sucked), which mplayer2 tried to improve with its own format (which sucked). As logic demands, mpv introduces its very own format (which sucks). The new format should actually be much simpler and easier to use, and its implementation is simpler and smaller too.
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+EDL files
+EDL files basically concatenate ranges of video/audio from multiple source
+files into a single continuous virtual file. Each such range is called a
+segment, and consists of source file, source offset, and segment length.
+For example::
+ mpv EDL v0
+ f1.mkv,10,20
+ f2.mkv
+ f1.mkv,40,10
+This would skip the first 10 seconds of the file f1.mkv, then play the next
+20 seconds, then switch to the file f2.mkv and play all of it, then switch
+back to f1.mkv, skip to the 40 second mark, and play 10 seconds, and then
+stop playback. The difference to specifying the files directly on command
+line (and using ``--{ --start=10 --length=20 f1.mkv --}`` etc.) is that the
+virtual EDL file appears as a single file, instead as a playlist.
+The general simplified syntax is:
+ <filename>
+ <filename>,<start in seconds>,<length in seconds>
+If the start time is omitted, 0 is used. If the length is omitted, the
+estimated duration of the source file is used.
+ mpv can't use ordered chapter files or libquvi-resolved URLs in EDL
+ entries. Usage of relative or absolute paths as well as any protocol
+ prefixes is prevented for security reasons.
+Syntax of mpv EDL files
+Generally, the format is relatively strict. No superfluous whitespace (except
+empty lines and commented lines) are allowed. You must use UNIX line breaks.
+The first line in the file must be ``mpv EDL v0``. This designates that the
+file uses format version 0, which is not frozen yet and may change any time.
+(If you need a stable EDL file format, make a feature request. Likewise, if
+you have suggestions for improvements, it's not too late yet.)
+The rest of the lines belong to one of these classes:
+1) An empty or commented line. A comment starts with ``#``, which must be the
+ first character in the line. The rest of the line (up until the next line
+ break) is ignored. An empty line has 0 bytes between two line feed bytes.
+2) A segment entry in all other cases.
+Each segment entry consists of a list of named or unnamed parameters.
+Parameters are separated with ``,``. Named parameters consist of a name,
+followed by ``=``, followed by the value. Unnamed parameters have only a
+value, and the name is implicit from the parameter position.
+ segment_entry ::= <param> ( <param> ',' )*
+ param ::= [ <name> '=' ] ( <value> | '%' <number> '%' <valuebytes> )
+The ``name`` string can consist of any characters, except ``=%,;\n``. The
+``value`` string can consist of any characters except to ``,;\n``.
+The construct starting with ``%`` allows defining any value with arbitrary
+contents inline, where ``number`` is an integer giving the number of bytes in
+``valuebytes``. If a parameter value contains disallowed characters, it has to
+be guarded by a length specifier using this syntax.
+The parameter name defines the meaning of the parameter:
+1) ``file``, the source file to use for this segment.
+2) ``start``, a time value that specifies the start offset into the source file.
+3) ``length``, a time value that specifies the length of the segment.
+(Currently, time values are floating point values in seconds.)
+Unnamed parameters carry implicit names. The parameter position determines
+which of the parameters listed above is set. For example, the second parameter
+implicitly uses the name ``start``.
+ mpv EDL v0
+ %18%filename,with,.mkv,10,length=20,param3=%13%value,escaped,param4=value2
+this sets ``file`` to ``filename,with,.mkv``, ``start`` to ``10``, ``length``
+to ``20``, ``param3`` to ``value,escaped``, ``param4`` to ``value2``.
+Instead of line breaks, the character ``;`` can be used. Line feed bytes and
+``;`` are treated equally.