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vf_delogo: reroute to vf_lavfi
The ``file`` suboption is unsupported on lavfi.
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@@ -713,7 +713,7 @@ Available filters are:
number of lines to select from the middle of the image (default: 12)
Suppresses a TV station logo by a simple interpolation of the surrounding
pixels. Just set a rectangle covering the logo and watch it disappear (and
sometimes something even uglier appear - your mileage may vary).
@@ -730,11 +730,9 @@ Available filters are:
You can specify a text file to load the coordinates from. Each line
must have a timestamp (in seconds, and in ascending order) and the
``x:y:w:h:t`` coordinates (``t`` can be omitted).
- .. note::
- Deprecated. Use libavfilter's ``delogo`` or ``removelogo`` filters
- through ``--vf=lavfi`` instead.
+ (Not supported when using libavfilter.)
+ ``show``
+ Draw a rectangle showing the area defined by x/y/w/h.
Optional filter for screenshot support. This is only needed if the video