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vf_vavpp: select best quality deinterlacing algorithm by default
This switches the default away from "bob" to the best algorithm reported as supported by the driver. This is convenient for users, and there is no reason to use something worse by default. Untested.
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@@ -75,6 +75,7 @@ Interface changes
- make --deinterlace=yes always deinterlace, instead of trying to check
certain unreliable video metadata. Also flip the defaults of all builtin
HW deinterlace filters to always deinterlace.
+ - change vf_vavpp default to use the best deinterlace algorithm by default
--- mpv 0.28.0 ---
- rename --hwdec=mediacodec option to mediacodec-copy, to reflect
conventions followed by other hardware video decoding APIs
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@@ -478,10 +478,14 @@ Available mpv-only filters are:
Don't perform deinterlacing.
+ auto
+ Select the best quality deinterlacing algorithm (default). This
+ goes by the order of the options as documented, with
+ ``motion-compensated`` being considered best quality.
Show only first field.
- bob deinterlacing (default).
+ bob deinterlacing.
weave, motion-adaptive, motion-compensated
Advanced deinterlacing algorithms. Whether these actually work
depends on the GPU hardware, the GPU drivers, driver bugs, and