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vaapi: add vf_vavpp and use it for deinterlacing
Merged from pull request #246 by xylosper. Minor cosmetic changes, some adjustments (compatibility with older libva versions), and manpage additions by wm4. Signed-off-by: wm4 <wm4@nowhere>
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@@ -861,3 +861,20 @@ Available filters are:
Specify the fourth parameter to pass to the library.
+ VA-API video post processing. Works with ``--vo=vaapi`` only. Currently
+ deinterlaces. This filter is automatically inserted if deinterlacing is
+ requested (either using the ``D`` key, by default mapped to the command
+ ``cycle deinterlace``, or the ``--deinterlace`` option).
+ ``deint=<method>``
+ Select the deinterlacing algorithm.
+ no
+ Don't perform deinterlacing.
+ first-field
+ Show only first field (going by ``--field-dominance``).
+ bob
+ bob deinterlacing (default).
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@@ -701,12 +701,19 @@ Available video output drivers are:
initially always off, and needs to be enabled with the ``D`` key
(default key binding for ``cycle deinterlace``).
+ This option doesn't apply if libva supports video post processing (vpp).
+ In this case, the default for ``deint-mode`` is ``no``, and enabling
+ deinterlacing via user interaction using the methods mentioned above
+ actually inserts the ``vavpp`` video filter. If vpp is not actually
+ supported with the libva backend in use, you can use this option to
+ forcibly enable VO based deinterlacing.
- Don't allow deinterlacing.
+ Don't allow deinterlacing (default for newer libva).
Show only first field (going by ``--field-dominance``).
- bob deinterlacing (default).
+ bob deinterlacing (default for older libva).
If enabled, then the OSD is rendered at video resolution and scaled to