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video: change --video-zoom behavior
Use the scaled video size (i.e. as shown on the window) as reference for zoom. This is the easiest way to fix different width/height scale factors as they happen when zooming video with a pixel aspect ratio other than 1:1. Also fix the unscaled mode, so that it 1. doesn't scale even with --video-zoom, and 2. doesn't scale by small amounts when the video is cropped by making the window smaller than the video.
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@@ -2667,6 +2667,10 @@ OPTIONS
``--video-zoom`` option is set to a value other than ``1``, scaling is
enabled, but the video isn't automatically scaled to the window size.)
+ The video and monitor aspects aspect will be ignored. Aspect correction
+ would require to scale the video in the X or Y direction, but this option
+ disables scaling, disabling all aspect correction.
Note that the scaler algorithm may still be used, even if the video isn't
scaled. For example, this can influence chroma conversion.
@@ -2674,10 +2678,11 @@ OPTIONS
Adjust the video display scale factor by the given value. The unit is in
- fractions of original video size.
+ fractions of the (scaled) window video size.
- For example, given a 1280x720 video, ``--video-zoom=-0.1`` would make the
- video by 128 pixels smaller in X direction, and 72 pixels in Y direction.
+ For example, given a 1280x720 video shown in a 1280x720 window,
+ ``--video-zoom=-0.1`` would make the video by 128 pixels smaller in
+ X direction, and 72 pixels in Y direction.
This option is disabled if the ``--no-keepaspect`` option is used.