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ao_alsa: always unset ALSA error handler, cleanup on init error
The ALSA device was not closed when initialization failed. The ALSA error handler (set with snd_lib_error_set_handler()) was not unset when closing ao_alsa. If this is not done, the handler will still be called when other libraries using ALSA cause errors, even though ao_alsa was long closed. Since these messages were prefixed with "[AO_ALSA]", they were misleading and implying ao_alsa was still used. For some reason, our error handler is still called even after doing snd_lib_error_set_handler(NULL), which should be impossible. Checking with the debuggers, inserting printf(), as well as the alsa-lib source code all suggest our error handler should not be called, but it still happens. It's a complete mystery.
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