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core: automatically pause on low cache
When the cache fill status goes below a certain threshold, automatically pause the player. When the cache is filled again, unpause again. This is intended to help with streaming from http. It's better to pause a while, rather than exposing extremely crappy behavior when packet reads during decoding block the entire player. In theory, we should try to increase the cache if underruns happen too often. Unfortunately, changing the cache implementation would be very hard, because it's insane code (forks, uses shared memory and "volatile" etc.). So for now, this just reduces the frequency of the stuttering if the network is absolutely too slow to play the stream in realtime.
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from slow media, but can also have negative effects, especially with file
formats that require a lot of seeking, such as mp4. See also ``--no-cache``.
+ If the cache percentage goes below the specified value, pause and wait
+ until the percentage set by ``--cache-min`` is reached, then resume
+ playback (default: 10). If ``no`` is specified, this behavior is disabled.
+ When the player is paused this way, the status line shows ``Buffering``
+ instead of ``Paused``, and the OSD uses a clock symbol instead of the
+ normal paused symbol.
Playback will start when the cache has been filled up to <percentage> of
- the total.
+ the total (default: 20).
If a seek is to be made to a position within <percentage> of the cache