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context_drm_egl: Introduce 30bpp support
This introduces the option --drm-format (currently used only by context_drm_egl, vo_drm implementation is pending) which allows you to pick between a xrgb8888 or a xrgb2101010 visual for --gpu-context=drm. Requires a recent mesa (18.0.0_rc4 or later) to work. This also fixes a bug when using --gpu-context=drm on a 30bpp-enabled mesa (allow_rgb10_configs set to true). Previously it would've set up an XRGB8888 format at the DRM/GBM level, while a 30bpp EGLConfig would be picked, resulting in a garbled image.
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@@ -484,7 +484,7 @@ Available video output drivers are:
(default: empty)
- Mode ID to use (resolution, bit depth and frame rate).
+ Mode ID to use (resolution and frame rate).
(default: 0)
@@ -492,6 +492,19 @@ Available video output drivers are:
Overlay index is zero based, and related to crtc.
(default: 0)
+ ``--drm-format=<xrgb8888,xrgb2101010>``
+ Select the DRM format to use (default: xrgb8888). This allows you to
+ choose the bit depth of the DRM mode. xrgb8888 is your usual 24 bit per
+ pixel/8 bits per channel packed RGB format with 8 bits of padding.
+ xrgb2101010 is a packed 30 bits per pixel/10 bits per channel packed RGB
+ format with 2 bits of padding.
+ Unless you have an intel graphics card, a recent kernel and a recent
+ version of mesa (>=18) xrgb2101010 is unlikely to work for you.
+ This currently only has an effect when used together with the ``drm``
+ backend for the ``gpu`` VO. The ``drm`` VO always uses xrgb8888.
``mediacodec_embed`` (Android)
Renders ``IMGFMT_MEDIACODEC`` frames directly to an ``android.view.Surface``.
Requires ``--hwdec=mediacodec`` for hardware decoding, along with