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client API: send MPV_EVENT_SHUTDOWN only once
Before this change, mpv_wait_event() could inconsistently return multiple MPV_EVENT_SHUTDOWN events to a single mpv_handle, up to the point of spamming the event queue under certain circumstances. Change this and just send it exactly once to each mpv_handle. Some client API users might have weird requirements about destroying their state asynchronously (and not reacting immediately to the SHUTDOWN event). This change will help a bit to make this less weird and surprising.
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- rename mpv_detach_destroy() to mpv_destroy() (the old function will
remain valid as deprecated alias)
- add mpv_create_weak_client(), which makes use of above changes
+ - MPV_EVENT_SHUTDOWN is now returned exactly once if a mpv_handle
+ should terminate, instead of spamming the event queue with this event
1.28 - deprecate the render opengl_cb API, and replace it with render.h
and render_gl.h. The goal is allowing support for APIs other than
OpenGL. The old API is emulated with the new API.