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vf_yadif: switch to option parser, allow disabling by default
Use the option parser instead of sscanf. Remove the parameter changing the field dominance (it has been marked deprecated for ages). Add a new suboption "enabled", which can be used to disable the filter by default, until it's enabled at runtime: mpv -vf yadif=enabled=no
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@@ -601,7 +601,7 @@ phase[=t|b|p|a|u|T|B|A|U][:v]
average squared difference between fields for t, b, and p
Yet another deinterlacing filter
@@ -610,11 +610,10 @@ yadif=[mode[:field_dominance]]
:2: Like 0 but skips spatial interlacing check.
:3: Like 1 but skips spatial interlacing check.
- <field_dominance> (DEPRECATED)
- Operates like tfields.
- *NOTE*: This option will possibly be removed in a future version. Use
- ``--field-dominance`` instead.
+ <enabled>
+ :yes: Filter is active (default).
+ :no: Filter is not active, but can be deactivated with the ``D`` key
+ (or any other key that toggles the ``deinterlace`` property).
Reposition and resize stereoscopic images. Extracts both stereo fields and