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video: add an option to tune waiting for video timing
Probably mostly useful for the libmpv render API.
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out. This delay in reaction time to sudden A/V offsets should be the only
side effect of turning this option on, for all sound drivers.
+ Control how long before video display target time the frame should be
+ rendered (default: 0.050). If a video frame should be displayed at a
+ certain time, the VO will start rendering the frame earlier, and then will
+ perform a blocking wait until the display time, and only then "swap" the
+ frame to display. The rendering cannot start before the previous frame is
+ displayed, so this value is implicitly limited by the video framerate. With
+ normal video frame rates, the default value will ensure that rendering is
+ always immediately started after the previous frame was displayed. On the
+ other hand, setting a too high value can reduce responsiveness with low
+ FPS value.
+ For client API users using the render API (or the deprecated ``opengl-cb``
+ API), this option is interesting, because you can stop the render API
+ from limiting your FPS (see ``mpv_render_context_render()`` documentation).
+ This applies only to audio timing modes (e.g. ``--video-sync=audio``). In
+ other modes (``--video-sync=display-...``), video timing relies on vsync
+ blocking, and this option is not used.
How the player synchronizes audio and video.