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options: deprecate --ff- options and properties
Some old crap which nobody needs and which probably nobody uses. This relies on a GCC extension: using "## __VA_ARGS__" to remove the comma from the argument list if the va args are empty. It's supported by clang, and there's some chance newer standards will introduce a proper way to do this. (Even if it breaks somewhere, it will be a problem only for 1 release, since I want to drop the deprecated properties immediately.)
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@@ -61,6 +61,9 @@ Interface changes
introspection of the option/property), also affects some properties
- rename --hwdec=rpi to --hwdec=mmal, sane for the -copy variant (no
backwards compatibility)
+ - deprecate the --ff-aid, --ff-vid, -ff-sid options and properties (there is
+ no replacement, but you can manually query the track property and use the
+ "ff-index" field to find the mpv track ID to imitate this behavior)
--- mpv 0.27.0 ---
- drop previously deprecated --field-dominance option
- drop previously deprecated "osd" command
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@@ -73,6 +73,8 @@ Track Selection
options), there will be streams with duplicate IDs. In this case, the
first stream in order is selected.
+ Deprecated.
(Matroska files only)
Specify the edition (set of chapters) to use, where 0 is the first. If set