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gl_video: use choice option type for dither-depth suboption
Replaces the numeric magic values -1 and 0 with "no" and "auto". The numeric values are still allowed for compatibility.
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@@ -319,12 +319,12 @@ opengl
Enable use of PBOs. This is faster, but can sometimes lead to
sporadic and temporary image corruption.
- dither-depth=<n>
- Positive non-zero values select the target bit depth. Default: 0.
+ dither-depth=<N|no|auto>
+ Set dither target depth to N. Default: auto.
- \-1
+ no
Disable any dithering done by mpv.
- 0
+ auto
Automatic selection. If output bit depth can't be detected,
8 bits per component are assumed.
@@ -444,10 +444,10 @@ opengl-hq
This is equivalent to:
- | --vo=opengl:lscale=lanczos2:dither-depth=0:pbo:fbo-format=rgb16
+ | --vo=opengl:lscale=lanczos2:dither-depth=auto:pbo:fbo-format=rgb16
Note that some cheaper LCDs do dithering that gravely interferes with
- vo_opengl's dithering. Disabling dithering with ``dither-depth=-1`` helps.
+ vo_opengl's dithering. Disabling dithering with ``dither-depth=no`` helps.
Unlike ``opengl``, ``opengl-hq`` makes use of FBOs by default. Sometimes you
can achieve better quality or performance by changing the fbo-format