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ao_alsa: use new option API (changes syntax)
This changes how device names are handled. Before this commit, device names were mangled in strange ways to avoid clashing with the option parser syntax. "." was replaced with ",", and "=" with ":" (the user had to do the inverse to get the correct device name). The "new" option parser has multiple ways to escape option strings, so we don't need this confusing hack anymore. Add an explicit note to the manpage as well.
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@@ -25,13 +25,20 @@ Available audio output drivers are:
``alsa`` (Linux only)
ALSA 0.9/1.x audio output driver
- ``noblock``
+ ``no-block``
Sets noblock-mode.
- Sets the device name. Replace any ',' with '.' and any ':' with '=' in
- the ALSA device name. For hwac3 output via S/PDIF, use an "iec958" or
+ Sets the device name. For ac3 output via S/PDIF, use an "iec958" or
"spdif" device, unless you really know how to set it correctly.
+ .. note::
+ MPlayer and mplayer2 required you to replace any ',' with '.' and
+ any ':' with '=' in the ALSA device name. mpv does not do this anymore.
+ Instead, quote the device name:
+ ``--ao=alsa:device=[plug:surround50]``
OSS audio output driver