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options: deprecate some other complex --ad/--vd features
Who even needs those? Once these deprecations are gone, --ad/--vd are simple lists without any kind of complex matching.
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@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ Interface changes
- change how spdif codecs are selected. You can't enable spdif passthrough
with --ad anymore. This was deprecated; use --audio-spdif instead.
- deprecate the "family" selection with --ad/--vd
+ forcing/excluding codecs with "+", "-", "-" is deprecated as well
- explicitly mark --ad-spdif-dtshd as deprecated (it was done so a long time
ago, but it didn't complain when using the option)
--- mpv 0.22.0 ---
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@@ -1145,9 +1145,10 @@ Audio
``-`` at the end of the list suppresses fallback on other available
decoders not on the ``--ad`` list. ``+`` in front of an entry forces the
decoder. Both of these should not normally be used, because they break
- normal decoder auto-selection!
+ normal decoder auto-selection! Both of these methods are deprecated.
- ``-`` in front of an entry disables selection of the decoder.
+ ``-`` in front of an entry disables selection of the decoder. This is
+ deprecated.
.. admonition:: Examples