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``<api>`` can be one of the following:
:no: always use software decoding (default)
+ :auto: see below
:vdpau: requires ``--vo=vdpau``
:vaapi: requires ``--vo=vaapi``
:vda: OSX
:crystalhd: Broadcom Crystal HD
+ ``auto`` tries to automatically enable hardware decoding using the first
+ available method. This still depends what VO you are using. For example,
+ if you are not using ``--vo=vdpau``, vdpau decoding will never be enabled.
+ Also note that if the first found method doesn't actually work, it will
+ always fall back to software decoding, instead of trying the next method.
Allow hardware decoding for a given list of codecs only. The default is the
special value ``all``, which always allows all codecs.