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stream: use native libavformat reconnection feature
Remove our own hacky reconnection code, and use libavformat's feature for that. It's disabled by default, and until recently it did not work too well. This has been fixed in recent ffmpeg git master[1], so there's no reason to keep our own code. [1] FFmpeg/FFmpeg@8a108bdea06fac43af9f44b6d2538f357451167a We set "reconnect_delay_max" to 7, which limits the maximum time it waits. Since libavformat doubles the wait time on each reconnect attempt (starting with 1), and stops trying to reconnect once the wait time is over the reconnect_delay_max value, this allows for 4 reconnection attempts which should add to 11 seconds maximum wait time. The default is 120, which seems too high for normal playback use. (The user can still override these parameters with --stream-lavf-o.)
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