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options: add --cache-default option
Add this option, which lets users set the cache size without forcing it even when playing from the local filesystem. Also document the default value explicitly. The Matroska linked segments case is slightly simplified: they can never come from network (mostly because it'd be insane, and we can't even list files from network sources), so the cache will never be enabled automatically.
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Set the size of the cache in kilobytes, disable it with ``no``, or
automatically enable it if needed with ``auto`` (default: ``auto``).
With ``auto``, the cache will usually be enabled for network streams,
- using a default size.
+ using the size set by ``--cache-default``.
May be useful when playing files from slow media, but can also have
negative effects, especially with file formats that require a lot of
@@ -321,6 +321,11 @@
seeking back. Likewise, when starting a file the cache will be at 100%,
because no space is reserved for seeking back yet.
+ Set the size of the cache in kilobytes (default: 320 KB). Using ``no``
+ will not automatically enable the cache e.h. when playing from a network
+ stream. Note that using ``--cache`` will always override this option.
If the cache percentage goes below the specified value, pause and wait
until the percentage set by ``--cache-min`` is reached, then resume