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msg: make --msg-level affect --log-file too
But --msg-level can only raise the log level used for --log-file, because the original idea with --log-file was that it'd log verbose messages to disk even if terminal logging is lower than -v or fully disabled.
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@@ -403,8 +403,9 @@ Program Behavior
Opens the given path for writing, and print log messages to it. Existing
- files will be truncated. The log level always corresponds to ``-v``,
- regardless of terminal verbosity levels.
+ files will be truncated. The log level is at least ``-v``, but can be
+ raised via ``--msg-level`` (the option cannot lower it below the forced
+ minimum log level).
Force a different configuration directory. If this is set, the given
@@ -3380,6 +3381,8 @@ Terminal
can use the module names printed in the output (prefixed to each line in
``[...]``) to limit the output to interesting modules.
+ This also affects ``--log-file``, and in certain cases libmpv API logging.
.. note::
Some messages are printed before the command line is parsed and are