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VO: remove vo_directfb2 and vo_directx
While being able to play videos on a framebuffer device would be nice, I didn't need it, and couldn't even test it (buggy nvidia binary drivers that disable framebuffers, buggy DirectFB that crashes when using the X11 backend). It's just dead weight, get rid of it. vo_directx was very horrible, and by today it's mostly useless. I didn't remove it, because there was that-guy who told me in amazement how awesome mplayer was, because it was the only video player fast enough for fast playback on his system when using vo_directx. Sorry, that-guy.
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@@ -224,14 +224,6 @@ direct3d (Windows only)
Same as ``direct3d_shaders``, but with the options ``disable-textures``
and ``disable-shaders`` forced.
-directx (Windows only)
- Video output driver that uses the DirectX interface. Deprecated, always
- prefer direct3d* by default.
- noaccel
- Turns off hardware acceleration. Try this option if you have display
- problems.
corevideo (Mac OS X 10.6 and later)
Mac OS X CoreVideo video output driver. Uses the CoreVideo APIs to fill
PixelBuffers and generate OpenGL textures from them (useful as a fallback
@@ -652,28 +644,6 @@ null
Color ASCII art video output driver that works on a text console.
- Play video using the DirectFB library.
- (no-)input
- Use the DirectFB instead of the MPlayer keyboard code (default:
- enabled).
- buffermode=single|double|triple
- Double and triple buffering give best results if you want to avoid
- tearing issues. Triple buffering is more efficient than double
- buffering as it does not block MPlayer while waiting for the vertical
- retrace. Single buffering should be avoided (default: single).
- fieldparity=top|bottom
- Control the output order for interlaced frames (default: disabled).
- Valid values are top = top fields first, bottom = bottom fields first.
- This option does not have any effect on progressive film material like
- most MPEG movies are. You need to enable this option if you have
- tearing issues or unsmooth motions watching interlaced film material.
- layer=N
- Will force layer with ID N for playback (default: -1 - auto).
- dfbopts=<list>
- Specify a parameter list for DirectFB.
Output each frame into an image file in the current directory. Each file
takes the frame number padded with leading zeros as name.