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options: add --start=none to reset previously set start time
Previously when using a libmpv instance to play multiple videos, once --start was set there was no clear way to unset it. You could use --start=0, but 0 does not always mean the beginning of the file (especially when using --rebase-start-time=no). Looking up the start timestamp and passing that in also does not always work, particularly when the first timestamp is negative (since negative values to --start have a special meaning). This commit adds a new "none" value which maps to the internal REL_TIME_NONE, matching the default value of the play_start option.
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@@ -107,6 +107,8 @@ Playback Control
``#c`` seeks to chapter number c. (Chapters start from 1.)
+ ``none`` resets any previously set option (useful for libmpv).
.. admonition:: Examples
``--start=+56``, ``--start=+00:56``