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image_writer, vo_image: change license to LGPL
image_writer.c has code originating from vf_screenshot.c, vo_jpeg.c, and potentially others. vo_image.c is based on a bunch of those VOs as well, and the intention was to replace them with a single codebase. vo_tga.c was written by someone who was not or not could be contacted, but it doesn't matter anyway, as no code from that initial patch was used. One rather old patch (57f77bb41a9) reordered by libjpeg patch API calls, and the author of the patch was not contacted. But at least with the smoothing_factor override removed, this pretty much exactly corresponds to the official libjpeg API example (and might even reflect a change to those - didn't dig deeper). This removes the -jpeg-smooth option. While we're at it, remove all the other dropped jpeg options from the manpage (which was forgotten in past changes).
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@@ -426,16 +426,8 @@ Available video output drivers are:
3 = average; 4 = Paeth; 5 = mixed) (default: 5)
JPEG quality factor (default: 90)
- ``--vo-image-jpeg-progressive=<yes|no>``
- Specify standard or progressive JPEG (default: no).
- ``--vo-image-jpeg-baseline=<yes|no>``
- Specify use of JPEG baseline or not (default: yes).
JPEG optimization factor (default: 100)
- ``--vo-image-jpeg-smooth=<0-100>``
- smooth factor (default: 0)
- ``--vo-image-jpeg-dpi=<1->``
- JPEG DPI (default: 72)
Specify the directory to save the image files to (default: ``./``).