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player: replace old lavfi wrapper with new filter code
lavfi.c is not necessary anymore, because f_lavfi.c (which was actually converted from it) can be used now.
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@@ -65,6 +65,11 @@ Interface changes
audio formats are not convertible (such as switching between PCM and
AC3 passthrough)
- remove out-format sub-parameter from "format" audio filter (no replacement)
+ - --lavfi-complex now requires uniquely named filter pads. In addition,
+ unconnected filter pads are not allowed anymore (that means every filter
+ pad must be connected either to another filter, or to a video/audio track
+ or video/audio output). If they are disconnected at runtime, the stream
+ will probably stall.
--- mpv 0.28.0 ---
- rename --hwdec=mediacodec option to mediacodec-copy, to reflect
conventions followed by other hardware video decoding APIs