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video: add metadata handling for spherical video
This adds handling of spherical video metadata: retrieving it from demux_lavf and demux_mkv, passing it through filters, and adjusting it with vf_format. This does not include support for rendering this type of video. We don't expect we need/want to support the other projection types like cube maps, so we don't include that for now. They can be added later as needed. Also raise the maximum sizes of stringified image params, since they can get really long.
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@@ -414,6 +414,16 @@ Available mpv-only filters are:
but values such as ``[16:9]`` can be passed too (``[...]`` for quoting
to prevent the option parser from interpreting the ``:`` character).
+ ``<spherical-type>``
+ Type of the spherical projection:
+ :auto: As indicated by the file (default)
+ :none: Normal video
+ :equirect: Equirectangular
+ :unknown: Unknown projection
+ ``<spherical-yaw>``, ``<spherical-pitch>``, ``<spherical-roll>``
+ Reference angle in degree, if spherical video is used.
Restricts the color space for the next filter without doing any conversion.