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Rename to "mpv"
This changes the name of this project to mpv. Most user-visible mentions of "MPlayer" and "mplayer" are changed to "mpv". The binary name and the default config file location are changed as well. The new default config file location is: ~/.mpv/ Remove etc/mplayer.desktop. Apparently this was for the MPlayer GUI, which has been removed from mplayer2 ages ago. We don't have a logo, and the MS Windows resource files sort-of require one, so leave etc/mplayer.ico/.xpm as-is. Remove the debian and rpm packaging scripts. These contained outdated dependencies and likely were more harmful than useful. (Patches which add working and well-tested packaging are welcome.)
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NOTE: DOCS/OUTDATED-tech/* may contain more detailed information, but most of it
is possibly or definitely outdated. This file intends to give a big
- picture of how mplayer is structured.
+ picture of how mplayer/mpv is structured.
This contains the main play loop, anything related to mplayer and playback
@@ -65,8 +65,8 @@ talloc.h & talloc.c:
One very useful feature of talloc is fast tracking of memory leaks. ("Fast"
as in it doesn't require valgrind.) You can enable it by passing the option
--leak-report as first parameter, or better, setting the
- MPLAYER_LEAK_REPORT environment variable to "1":
+ MPV_LEAK_REPORT environment variable to "1":
+ export MPV_LEAK_REPORT=1
This will list all unfree'd allocations on exit.
Documentation can be found here: