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encode: remove old timestamp handling
This effectively makes --ocopyts the default. The --ocopyts option itself is also removed, because it's redundant.
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the future. (This kind of waiting was always a feature to prevent that
playback is started while scripts are only half-loaded.)
- deprecate --ovoffset, --oaoffset, --ovfirst, --oafirst
+ - remove the following encoding options: --ocopyts (now the default, old
+ timestamp handling is gone), --oneverdrop (now default), --oharddup (you
+ need to use --vf=fps=VALUE), --ofps, --oautofps, --omaxfps
- remove --video-stereo-mode. This option was broken out of laziness, and
nobody wants to fix it. Automatic 3D down-conversion to 2D is also broken,
although you can just insert the stereo3d filter manually. The obscurity