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msg, client API: buffer partial lines
The API could return partial lines, meaning the message could stop in the middle of a line, and the next message would have the rest of it (or just the next part of it). This was a pain for the user, so do the nasty task of buffering the lines ourselves. Now only complete lines are sent. To make things even easier for the API user, don't put multiple lines into a single event, but split them. The terminal output code needed something similar (inserting a prefix header on start of each line). To avoid code duplication, this commit refactors the terminal output so that lines are split in a single place.
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1.6 - modify "core-idle" property behavior
+ - MPV_EVENT_LOG_MESSAGE now always sends complete lines
--- mpv 0.6.0 is released ---
1.5 - change in X11 and "--wid" behavior again. The previous change didn't
work as expected, and now the behavior can be explicitly controlled