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x11: when using --wid, inherit event flags from parent window
When embedding a X window, it's hard to control whether it receives mouse/keyboard input or not. It seems the X protocol itself makes this hard (basically due to the outdated design mismatching with modern toolkits), and we have to take care of these things explicitly. Simply do this by manually querying and using the parent window event flags. This restores some MPlayer behavior (it doesn't add back exactly the same code, but it's very similar). This probably has some potential to interfere with libmpv embedding, so bump the client API minor. CC: @mpv-player/stable (if applied, client-api-changes.rst has to be adjusted to include the 0.5.2 release)
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+ 1.4 - subtle change in X11 and "--wid" behavior
--- mpv 0.5.0 is released ---
1.3 - add MPV_MAKE_VERSION()
1.2 - remove "stream-time-pos" property (no replacement)