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client API, X11: change default keyboard input handling again
Commit 64b7811c tried to do the "right thing" with respect to whether keyboard input should be enabled or not. It turns out that X11 does something stupid by design. All modern toolkits work around this native X11 behavior, but embedding breaks these workarounds. The only way to handle this correctly is the XEmbed protocol. It needs to be supported by the toolkit, and probably also some mpv support. But Qt has inconsistent support for it. In Qt 4, a X11 specific embedding widget was needed. Qt 5.0 doesn't support it at all. Qt 5.1 apparently supports it via QWindow, but if it really does, I couldn't get it to work. So add a hack instead. The new --input-x11-keyboard option controls whether mpv should enable keyboard input on the X11 window or not. In the command line player, it's enabled by default, but in libmpv it's disabled. This hack has the same problem as all previous embedding had: move the mouse outside of the window, and you don't get keyboard input anymore. Likewise, mpv will steal all keyboard input from the parent application as long as the mouse is inside of the mpv window. Also see issue #1090.
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+ 1.5 - change in X11 and "--wid" behavior again. The previous change didn't
+ work as expected, and now the behavior can be explicitly controlled
+ with the "input-x11-keyboard" option. This is only a temporary
+ measure until XEmbed is implemented and confirmed working.
1.4 - subtle change in X11 and "--wid" behavior
+ (this change was added to 0.5.2, and broke some things, see #1090)
--- mpv 0.5.0 is released ---
1.3 - add MPV_MAKE_VERSION()
1.2 - remove "stream-time-pos" property (no replacement)