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client API: add qthelper.hpp
This provides some helper functions and classes for C++/Qt. As the top of qthelper.hpp says, this is built on top of the client API, and is a mere helper provided for convenience. Maybe this should be a separate library, but on the other hand I don't see much of a point in that. It's also header-only, but C++ people like such things. This makes it easier for us, because we don't need to care about ABI compatibility. The client API doesn't change, but bump it so that those who are using this header can declare a proper dependency.
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+ 1.8 - add qthelper.hpp
1.7 - add mpv_command_node(), mpv_command_node_async()
1.6 - modify "core-idle" property behavior
- MPV_EVENT_LOG_MESSAGE now always sends complete lines