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client API: introduce numeric log levels
Maybe using strings for log levels was a mistake (too broad and too impractical), so I'm adding numeric log level at least for the receiver side. This makes it easier to map mpv log levels to other logging systems. I'm still too stingy to add a function to set the log level by a numeric value, though. The numeric values are not directly mapped to the internal mpv values, because then almost every file in mpv would have to include the client API header. Coalesce this into API version 1.6, since 1.6 was bumped just yesterday.
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1.6 - modify "core-idle" property behavior
- MPV_EVENT_LOG_MESSAGE now always sends complete lines
+ - introduce numeric log levels (mpv_log_level)
--- mpv 0.6.0 is released ---
1.5 - change in X11 and "--wid" behavior again. The previous change didn't
work as expected, and now the behavior can be explicitly controlled