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+This file lists all changes that can cause compatibility issues when using
+mpv through the client API (libmpv and ``client.h``). Since the client API
+interfaces to input handling (commands, properties) as well as command line
+options, this list is interesting for other uses of mpv, such as the Lua
+scripting interface, key bindings in ``input.rst``, or plain command line
+Normally, changes to the C API that are incompatible to previous iterations
+receive a major version bump (i.e. the first version number is increased),
+while C API additions bump the minor version (i.e. the second number is
+increased). Changes to properties/commands/options may also lead to a minor
+version bump, in particular if they are incompatible.
+The version number is the same as used for MPV_CLIENT_API_VERSION (see
+``client.h`` how to convert between major/minor version numbers and the flat
+32 bit integer).
+Also, read the section ``Compatibility`` in ``client.h``.
+API changes
+ 1.1 - remap dvdnav:// to dvd://
+ - add "--cache-file", "--cache-file-size"
+ - add "--colormatrix-primaries" (and property)
+ - add "primaries" sub-field to image format properties
+ - add "playback-time" property
+ - extend the "--start" option; a leading "+", which was previously
+ insignificant is now significant
+ - add "cache-free" and "cache-used" properties
+ - OSX: the "coreaudio" AO spdif code is split into a separate AO
+ 1.0 - the API is declared stable