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stream: remove stream_cue
stream_cue, which provided the cue:// protocol handler, was extremely hacky and didn't even manage to play some samples I tried. Remove it, because it's plain unneeded. There is much better support for .cue files elsewhere: - libcdio can play pairs of .cue/.bin files: mplayer cdda:// --cdrom-device=your_cue_file.cue Note that if the .cue file is not accompanied by a .cue file, but an encoded file for example, this most likely won't work. - mplayer can play .cue files directly: mplayer your_cue_file.cue This works, even if the .cue file comes with encoded files that are not .bin . Note that if you play .bin files, mplayer will assume a specific raw audio format. If the format doesn't match, mplayer will play noise and destroy your speakers. Note that format mismatches are extremely common, because the endianness seems to be essentially random. (libcdio uses a clever algorithm to detect the endian, and doesn't have this problem.)
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