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mp3lib: drop internal mp3lib tree
Delete mp3lib which has been the default mp3 decoder until now. In addition to being an unnecessary embedded library it now fails to compile correctly with the new gcc-4.6, producing noise. After the deletion the default decoder priority for mp3 will be first libmpg123 (a newer version of the code that mp3lib was based on) if available, then ffmp3float which should be available in all normal compiles. I think that some tweaking may be required as these decoder alternatives get wider testing, but any problems should be solvable and there should be no need for mp3lib.
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License: GNU Lesser General Public License
-Name: mpg123
-Version: 0.59s + significant changes
-Directory: mp3lib
-Copyright: 1995-1999 by Michael Hipp
- 2004 Romain Dolbeau <>
- 2006 Zuxy Meng <
-License: GNU General Public License
Name: avifile DLL loader
Version: 0.47 + patches + CVS updates