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vf: add vf_convert as interim replacement for vf_scale
We want to drop vf_scale, but we still need a way to auto convert between imgfmts. In particular, vf.c will auto insert the "scale" filter if the VO doesn't support a pixfmt. To avoid chaos, create a new vf_convert.c filter, based on vf_scale.c, but without the unrelicensed code parts. In particular, this filter does not do scaling and has no options. It merely converts from one imgfmt to another, if needed.
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@@ -42,7 +42,6 @@ them quite central:
- many builtin video filters (use libavfilter instead)
- automatic rotation and stereoscopic video handling
- Linux TV input
-- video format conversion (if not supported by the VO)
- minor features: jack, DVD, CDDA, SMB, CACA, legacy direct3d VO
Some of these will be fixed in the future. The intended use for LGPL mode is
with libmpv, and currently it's not recommended to build mpv CLI in LGPL mode