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osdep/timer*: change license to LGPL
All authors have agreed, with the following exceptions: e68d7f6858: wight wasn't asked (I think...), but even if he modified the patch he applied, all code added by it was removed again later. cb7768f9bb: nick could not be reached, but the declarations he added as well as the full timer.c file were deleted again in cff81fe498 and f800a42e45 (did it really take 6 years to remove unused declarations?). ffaf4af230: it looks like this person wasn't contacted, but the code added was removed again in f544bcf105.
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@@ -190,10 +190,10 @@ LGPL relicensing status:
osdep/terminal-win.c medium
osdep/threads.* LGPL
osdep/timer.c LGPL
- osdep/timer.h unknown
+ osdep/timer.h LGPL
osdep/timer-darwin.c LGPL (MIT)
- osdep/timer-linux.c unknown
- osdep/timer-win2.c unknown
+ osdep/timer-linux.c LGPL
+ osdep/timer-win2.c LGPL
osdep/w32_keyboard.c unknown
osdep/w32_keyboard.h unknown
osdep/win32-console-wrapper.c LGPL (BSD)