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build: add preliminary LGPL mode
See "Copyright" file for caveats. This changes the remaining "almost LGPL" files to LGPL, because we think that the conditions the author set for these was finally fulfilled.
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ files can have a standard license header).
All new contributions must be LGPLv2.1+ licensed, or if the changes are done on
GPL code, must come with the implicit agreement that the project can relicense
the code to LGPLv2.1+ at a later point without asking the contributor. (This
-is a safeguard for making potential relicensing of the project to LGPLv2.1+
+is a safeguard for making potential relicensing of remaining code to LGPLv2.1+
easier.) Using a more liberal license compatible to LGPLv2.1+ is also ok.
For information about authors and contributors, consult the git log, which
@@ -31,6 +31,28 @@ under mplayer2, and has been removed from mpv.
Some libraries are GPLv2+ or GPLv3+ only. Building mpv with Samba support makes
it GPLv3+.
+mpv can be built as LGPLv3+ with the --enable-preliminary-lgpl3 configure
+option. This is a very new switch and it hasn't been confirmed yet whether
+really all GPL code is excluded (thus preliminary). In addition, it disables
+a number of useful features, some of them quite central:
+- no audio filtering, which breaks: --volume, --af, replaygain, pitch
+ correction, fine control about downmix/upmix/resampling behavior
+- Linux X11 video output
+- Linux audio output via ALSA (PulseAudio works)
+- BSD audio output via OSS
+- Linux hardware decoding (vaapi, vdpau)
+- many builtin video filters (use libavfilter instead)
+- automatic rotation and stereoscopic video handling
+- Linux TV input
+- the --frames option
+- the add/cycle and sub-add/audio-add/sub-remove/audio-remove commands
+- video format conversion (if not supported by the VO)
+- minor features: jack, DVD, CDDA, SMB, CACA, legacy direct3d VO
+Some of these will be fixed in the future. The lack of the add/cycle commands
+makes this particularly useless for CLI mode, and most of the appeal of LGPL
+is for libmpv anyway. Thus it's not recommended to build mpv CLI in LGPL mode
+at all.
Source files with specific licenses:
- etc/input.conf is LGPLv2.1+
- etc/builtin.conf is LGPLv2.1+
@@ -43,251 +65,43 @@ Source files with specific licenses:
- is unknown (probably GPLv2+ or LGPLv2+)
- the build system (wscript, waftools/*) is LGPLv2+, some parts BSD
-Some files are marked with "Almost LGPL." These files are GPL, but all authors
-have agreed to relicense them to LGPL. the problem is that one of the authors is
-Michael Niedermayer, who cited the following conditions for relicensing:
-We assume the first 3 conditions are fulfilled. The last condition can be
-interpreted as that his code can be changed to LGPL only as soon as the "core"
-of mpv changes to LGPL. We interpret "core" as something minimal, that can
-actually be built and run, with all GPL code disabled.
Some files are LGPLv3+. This is due to the contributions of a single developer
going by the SVN username "iive". The chosen license of this project is
LGPLv2.1+. The affected files will be changed to LGPLv2.1+ at the earliest
opportunity, for example if his contributions disappear by being replaced
or removed. All new contributions to these files are implied to be LGPLv2.1+.
-LGPL relicensing status. Files which require some sort of action to get a basic
-LGPL player core (relicensing, replacement, or partial/full rewrites) are marked
-with an "x".
+The following files are still GPL:
- audio/decode/ad.h LGPL
- audio/decode/ad_lavc.c LGPL
- audio/decode/ad_spdif.c LGPL
- audio/decode/dec_audio.* LGPL
-x audio/filter/af.* must be killed (main author disagreed)
- (required for LGPL core: a new filter chain must be written)
- audio/filter/af_channel.c must be killed (main author disagreed)
- audio/filter/af_equalizer.c must be killed (main author disagreed)
- audio/filter/af_pan.c must be killed (main author disagreed)
- audio/filter/af_volume.c must be killed (main author disagreed)
- audio/filter/equalizer.h must be killed (main author disagreed)
- audio/filter/tools.c must be killed (main author disagreed)
- audio/filter/af_format.c LGPL
- audio/filter/af_lavc3enc.c LGPL
- audio/filter/af_lavfi.c LGPL
- audio/filter/af_scaletempo.c LGPL
- audio/filter/af_rubberband.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao.h LGPL
- audio/out/ao_alsa.c extremely hard (original author did not decide)
- audio/out/ao_audiounit.m LGPL
- audio/out/ao_coreaudio.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao_coreaudio_chmap.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao_coreaudio_chmap.h LGPL
- audio/out/ao_coreaudio_exclusiv LGPL
- audio/out/ao_coreaudio_properti LGPL
- audio/out/ao_coreaudio_properti LGPL
- audio/out/ao_coreaudio_utils.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao_coreaudio_utils.h LGPL
+ audio/filter/* will be replaced with new filter chain
+ audio/filter/af_format.c mostly LGPL (except af glue code)
+ audio/filter/af_lavc3enc.c as above
+ audio/filter/af_lavfi.c as above
+ audio/filter/af_scaletempo.c as above
+ audio/filter/af_rubberband.c as above
+ audio/out/ao_alsa.c chaotic history, original author did not decide
audio/out/ao_jack.c will stay GPL
- audio/out/ao_lavc.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao_null.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao_openal.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao_opensles.c LGPL
audio/out/ao_oss.c will stay GPL
- audio/out/ao_pcm.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao_pulse.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao_rsound.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao_sdl.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao_sndio.c LGPL (BSD)
- audio/out/ao_wasapi.c LGPL
- audio/out/ao_wasapi_changenotif LGPL
- audio/out/ao_wasapi.h LGPL
- audio/out/ao_wasapi_utils.c LGPL
- audio/out/internal.h LGPL
- audio/out/pull.c LGPL
- audio/out/push.c LGPL
-x audio/audio.* very hard (mp_audio based of anders' af_audio)
- (required for LGPL core: determine if the struct can be used anyway, or
- devise a cheap AVFrame wrapper)
- audio/audio_buffer.* LGPL
- audio/chmap.* LGPL
- audio/chmap_sel.* LGPL
- audio/fmt-conversion.* LGPL
- audio/format.* LGPL
- common/av_common.* LGPL
- common/av_log.c almost LGPL
- common/av_log.h LGPL
- common/codecs.* LGPL
- common/common.* LGPL
- common/encode.h LGPL
- common/encode_lavc.* LGPL
- common/global.h LGPL
- common/msg.c almost LGPL
- common/msg_control.h LGPL
- common/msg.h LGPL
- common/playlist.* LGPL
- common/recorder.* LGPL
- common/tags.* LGPL
- common/version.c LGPL
- demux/codec_tags.* LGPL
- demux/cue.* LGPL
- demux/demux.* LGPL
- demux/demux_cue.c LGPL
- demux/demux_disc.c LGPL
- demux/demux_edl.c LGPL
- demux/demux_lavf.c almost LGPL
- demux/demux_libarchive.c LGPL
- demux/demux_mf.c LGPLv3+
- demux/demux_mkv.c LGPL (mostly)
- demux/demux_mkv_timeline.c LGPL
- demux/demux_null.c LGPL
- demux/demux_playlist.c LGPL
- demux/demux_rar.c LGPL
- demux/demux_raw.c almost LGPL
- demux/demux_timeline.c LGPL
+ audio/audio.* needed by af code only
demux/demux_tv.c will stay GPL
- demux/ebml.* LGPL
- demux/matroska.h LGPL
- demux/packet.* LGPL
- demux/stheader.h LGPL
- demux/timeline.* LGPL
- input/cmd_* LGPL
- input/event.* LGPL
- input/input.* LGPL
- input/ipc.c LGPL
- input/ipc-unix.c LGPL
- input/ipc-win.c LGPL
- input/keycodes.* LGPL
- input/pipe-win32.c LGPL
- libmpv/*.* LGPL
- misc/*.* LGPL
- options/m_config.* LGPL
- options/m_option.c almost LGPL
- options/m_option.h LGPL
- options/m_property.* LGPL
- options/options.* LGPL
- options/parse_commandline.* LGPL
- options/parse_configfile.* LGPL
- options/path.* LGPL
- osdep/android/* LGPL (BSD)
- osdep/ar/* LGPL (BSD)
- osdep/atomic.h LGPL
- osdep/compiler.h LGPL
- osdep/endian.h LGPL
- osdep/glob-win.c LGPL
- osdep/io.* LGPL
- osdep/macosx_application.h LGPL
- osdep/macosx_application.m LGPL
- osdep/macosx_application_objc.h LGPL
- osdep/macosx_compat.h LGPL
- osdep/macosx_events.* LGPL
- osdep/macosx_events_objc.h LGPL
- osdep/macosx_touchbar.* LGPL
- osdep/macosx_versions.h LGPL
- osdep/main-fn-cocoa.c LGPL
- osdep/main-fn.h LGPL
- osdep/main-fn-unix.c LGPL
- osdep/main-fn-win.c LGPL
- osdep/mpv.exe.manifest LGPL
- osdep/mpv.rc LGPL
- osdep/path.h LGPL
- osdep/path-macosx.m LGPL
- osdep/path-unix.c LGPL
- osdep/path-win.c LGPL
- osdep/semaphore.h LGPL
- osdep/semaphore_osx.c LGPL
- osdep/strnlen.h LGPL
- osdep/subprocess.* LGPL
- osdep/subprocess-posix.c LGPL
- osdep/subprocess-win.c LGPL
- osdep/terminal.h LGPL
- osdep/terminal-unix.c LGPL
- osdep/terminal-win.c LGPL
- osdep/threads.* LGPL
- osdep/timer.c LGPL
- osdep/timer.h LGPL
- osdep/timer-darwin.c LGPL (MIT)
- osdep/timer-linux.c LGPL
- osdep/timer-win2.c LGPL
- osdep/w32_keyboard.c LGPL
- osdep/w32_keyboard.h LGPL
- osdep/win32-console-wrapper.c LGPL (BSD)
- osdep/win32/* LGPL (ISC)
- osdep/windows_utils.* LGPL
-x player/audio.c LGPL (dysfunctional due to libaf)
- player/client.* LGPL (ISC)
- player/command.c LGPL
- player/command.h LGPL
- player/configfiles.c LGPL
- player/core.h LGPL
- player/external_files.* LGPL
- player/lavfi.* LGPL
- player/loadfile.c LGPL
- player/lua/*.* LGPL
- player/lua.c LGPL
- player/misc.c LGPL
- player/osd.c LGPL
- player/playloop.c LGPL
- player/screenshot.* LGPL
- player/scripting.* LGPL
- player/sub.c LGPL
- player/video.c LGPL
stream/ai_* will stay GPL (TV code)
stream/audio_in.* will stay GPL (TV code)
- stream/cache.c LGPLv3+
- stream/cache_file.c LGPL
- stream/cookies.* LGPL
stream/dvb* must stay GPL
stream/frequencies.* must stay GPL
- stream/rar.* LGPL
- stream/stream_avdevice.c LGPL
- stream/stream_bluray.c LGPL
- stream/stream.* LGPL
- stream/stream_cb.c LGPL
stream/stream_cdda.c unknown
stream/stream_dvb.* must stay GPL
stream/stream_dvd.c unknown
stream/stream_dvd_common.* unknown
stream/stream_dvdnav.c unknown
- stream/stream_edl.c LGPL
- stream/stream_file.c LGPL
- stream/stream_lavf.c LGPL
- stream/stream_libarchive.* LGPL
- stream/stream_memory.c LGPL
- stream/stream_mf.c LGPL
- stream/stream_null.c LGPL
- stream/stream_rar.c LGPL
stream/stream_smb.c will stay GPLv3
stream/stream_tv.c will stay GPL
stream/tv* will stay GPL
- sub/* LGPL
- ta/* LGPL (ISC)
- video/decode/d3d.* LGPL
- video/decode/dec_video.* almost LGPL
- video/decode/hw_cuda.c LGPL
- video/decode/hw_d3d11va.c LGPL
- video/decode/hw_dxva2.c LGPL
- video/decode/hw_videotoolbox.c LGPL
- video/decode/lavc.h almost LGPLv3+
- video/decode/vd.h LGPL
- video/decode/vd_lavc.c almost LGPLv3+
- video/filter/refqueue.* LGPL
- video/filter/vf.c LGPL
- video/filter/vf.h LGPL (mostly)
- video/filter/vf_buffer.c LGPL
video/filter/vf_crop.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_d3d11vpp.c LGPL
video/filter/vf_dsize.c will be deleted
video/filter/vf_expand.c will be deleted
video/filter/vf_flip.c will be deleted
video/filter/vf_format.c will be deleted
video/filter/vf_gradfun.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_lavfi.* LGPL
video/filter/vf_mirror.c will be deleted
video/filter/vf_noformat.c will be deleted
video/filter/vf_pullup.c will be deleted
@@ -295,57 +109,36 @@ x player/audio.c LGPL (dysfunctional due to libaf)
video/filter/vf_scale.c will be deleted
video/filter/vf_stereo3d.c will be deleted
video/filter/vf_sub.c will be deleted
- video/filter/vf_vapoursynth.c LGPL
- video/filter/vf_vavpp.c LGPL
- video/filter/vf_vdpaupp.c LGPL
video/filter/vf_yadif.c will be deleted
- video/csputils.* LGPL
- video/fmt-conversion.* LGPL
video/gpu_memcpy.* will be deleted
- video/hwdec.* LGPL
- video/image_writer.* LGPL
- video/img_format.* LGPL
- video/mp_image.* almost LGPL
- video/mp_image_pool.* LGPL
- video/out/aspect.* LGPL
- video/out/bitmap_packer.* LGPL
- video/out/cocoa* LGPL
- video/out/d3d_shader_420p.h LGPL
- video/out/d3d_shader_nv12.h LGPL
- video/out/d3d_shader_yuv.hlsl LGPL
- video/out/dither.* LGPL
- video/out/drm_common.* LGPL
- video/out/filter_kernels.* LGPL (BSD)
video/out/opengl/hwdec_vaglx.c GPL
- video/out/opengl/* LGPL
- video/out/vo.c LGPL
- video/out/vo.h LGPL
video/out/vo_caca.c unknown
video/out/vo_direct3d.c unknown
- video/out/vo_drm.c LGPL
- video/out/vo_image.c LGPL
- video/out/vo_lavc.c LGPL
- video/out/vo_null.c LGPL
- video/out/vo_opengl.c LGPL
- video/out/vo_opengl_cb.c LGPL
- video/out/vo_rpi.c LGPL
- video/out/vo_sdl.c LGPL
- video/out/vo_tct.c LGPL
video/out/vo_vaapi.c probably impossible (some company's code)
video/out/vo_vdpau.c probably impossible (nVidia's code)
- video/out/vo_wayland.c LGPL
video/out/vo_x11.c probably impossible
video/out/vo_xv.c probably impossible
- video/out/w32_common.* LGPL
- video/out/wayland* LGPL
- video/out/win32/* LGPL
- video/out/win_state.* LGPL
video/out/x11_common.* probably impossible
- video/out/x11_icon.bin LGPL
- video/sws_utils.* almost LGPL
video/vaapi.* hard (GPL-only parts must be ifdefed)
video/vdpau.c hard (GPL-only parts must be ifdefed)
- video/ LGPL
video/vdpau.h unknown
video/vdpau_mixer.* actual code must be rewritten
- video/vt.* LGPL
+The following files contain some optional GPL code:
+ input/cmd_list.c potentially some commands
+ demux/demux_mkv.c some verbose message
+ options/options.c --frames option
+ options/parse_commandline.c dvd:// expansion
+ player/audio.c libaf glue code
+ player/loadfile.c --frames option (minor but probably fatal)
+ player/osd.c OSD level 3
+ player/command.c add/cycle command, possible sub-add command
+ player/main.c configuration output
+The following files are partially LGPLv3+ (otherwise LGPL):
+ demux/demux_mf.c minor autodetection thing
+ stream/cache.c minor cache option changes
+ video/decode/lavc.h split from vd_lavc.c
+ video/decode/vd_lavc.c XvMC influences in get_format()