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msg.c/h: partially change license to LGPL
msg.c is "partial" due to "michael", whose work can be changed to LGPL only once the core is LGPL. It's explained in the Copyright file. I prefer to do the relicensing incrementally (due to the overwhelming workload). Changing the license before that happens would be legally questionable, but nothing can stop us from essentially marking it as "will be LGPL". All authors have agreed to LGPL, with the following exceptions: 9df11ee8bf: the author (probably) didn't agree, but the line that is added is later fully removed. 35e90f1556: was not asked, but all iconv code was 100% removed from the mp_msg mechanism (we alwas require UTF-8 now). 4e4f3f806e: the change by michael. 50a86fcc34: the identify variable was move, and completely removed the latest in commit 48bd03dd91232. 1f6c494641: did not agree, but due to a major mp_msg change the added line became unnecessary and was removed. da63498bf9: was not reachable, but the MPlayer GUI is gone from mpv anyway (also commit fc4d6e617d8d removed these specific additions a long time ago).
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@@ -34,3 +34,14 @@ Source files with specific licenses:
- sub/osd_font.otf is LGPLv2.1+
- some tests under waftools/fragments/ might be GPLv2+
- is GPLv2+
+Some files are marked with "Almost LGPL." These files are GPL, but all authors
+have agreed to relicense them to LGPL. the problem is that one of the authors is
+Michael Niedermayer, who cited the following conditions for relicensing:
+We assume the first 3 conditions are fulfilled. The last condition can be
+interpreted as that his code can be changed to LGPL only as soon as the "core"
+of mpv changes to LGPL. We interpret "core" as something minimal, that can
+actually be built and run, with all GPL code disabled.